Don't forget to feed your soul

In times like these, while it's crucial to stay informed, I often lose myself in the news cycle—emerging horrified, furious, and drained. It helps to complement with people, music, and stories that feed my soul, that give me energy for the thing that really matters: action.

A few things that feed my soul: novels by N.K. Jemisin, Malka Older, Mohsin Hamid, and Kim Stanley Robinson; music by Yo-Yo Ma, Grupo Niche, Nina Simone, and Kygo; blogs by Maria Popova and Seth Godin; podcasts from The Moth; Parks and Rec; essays by Craig Mod and Viktor Frankl.

Go feed your soul, and then find ways to make things better.

Complement with How to kill a dragon, William Gibson on tracking reality's Fuckedness Quotient, and What my secret agent grandmother taught me.


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