Announcing Veil

I have a new novel coming out May 20th, 2020.

Veil is a character-driven speculative thriller about a near-future shaped by geoengineering:
When her mother dies in a heat wave that kills twenty million, Zia León abandons a promising diplomatic career to lead humanitarian aid missions to regions ravaged by drought, wildfires, and sea level rise. 
What Zia doesn't know is that clandestine forces are gathering around her in pursuit of a colossal secret: someone has hijacked the climate, and the future of human civilization is at stake. 
To avoid a world war that appears more inevitable every day, Zia must build a coalition of the powerless and attempt the impossible. But success depends on facing the grief that has come to define her life, and rediscovering friendship, family, and what it means to be true to yourself while everything falls apart.
Veil is available for preorder on Kindle and will launch in all formats on May 20th.

Andrew Liptak interviewed me about what inspired the book for his excellent science fiction newsletter:
A couple years ago, I listened to Tyler Cowen interview award-winning journalist Charles C. Mann. They were discussing the growth in scientific research into geonengineering—attempts to directly manipulate the global climate to reduce the worst aspects of climate change using everything from marine bacteria to ingenious machines that suck CO2 out of the air. 
But there's one approach to geoengineering that's by far the most feasible: using high-altitude planes to spray inert aerosols into the stratosphere that reflect a tiny percentage of incoming sunlight, slowing global warming. The craziest part is that such an effort would only cost approximately two billion dollars a year—cheap enough that any country or even an individual billionaire could go ahead and do it unilaterally. Can you imagine the extent of the potential social, political, economic, and environmental implications?
Holy shit, I thought. Somebody needs to write a novel about this. 
And Veil was born.
I poured my heart and soul into this novel. I think it's my best work yet and I hope it offers a fun and thought-provoking diversion in these strange times. Preorder it today.

Oh, and if you have a newsletter, podcast, blog, column, or community and want to read an advance review copy, email me and we'll get you sorted.

Media/rights contact: eliot [at] eliotpeper [dot] com


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