As an independent adviser, Eliot has helped build technology businesses, launch publications, make venture investments, pioneer new media formats, develop products, publish bestselling books, commercialize new science, raise millions of dollars in financing, map out strategic plans, craft impactful narratives, establish partnerships, manage editorial pipelines, design games, set research priorities, roll out innovation programs, refine investment theses, earn audiences, and inspire teams to challenge the status quo.

His clients include founders, bestselling authors, venture capital investors, award-winning designers, Fortune 100 companies, and government agencies. His work has been featured by the New YorkerForbes, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Xconomy, QuartzInvestor's Business Daily,, Harvard Business ReviewBBC, and NPR.

Typical formats include talks, workshops, and long-term advisory engagements. Fair warning: Eliot is often booked out months in advance. For more information, email him at elpeper [at] gmail [dot] com.


"Eliot is one of the few people to whom I can give the ultimate compliment - he's the first person I'd turn to if I had a killer idea for a business and needed a partner, and the first person I'd hire if I was looking for a kick-butt entrepreneur to add to my team. He has an uncanny ability to see opportunity where others do not, and can get to the crux of any issue rapidly. He's a great addition to any team - and can help any founder, entrepreneur, CEO or leader maximize the value of their business."
-Ken Davenport, CEO and Founder at Mission Edge

"When I need to make an important decision, I call Eliot. He helps clarify my thinking and offers new perspectives that I wouldn't have considered otherwise. Smart, resourceful, and an exceptional communicator, he is quick to zero in on what really matters and find the signal in the noise. We wouldn't be where we are today without him."
-George Eiskamp, cofounder and CEO at GroundMetrics

"Eliot's an excellent operator and strategist, and is an asset to any management team!"
-David Allison, Product Lead at Google, former CTO at Nulu and BrightScope

"Got an idea or a product and want to make the most of it?  Call Eliot. He’ll challenge you to see it from all sides, to rearrange and rebundle it, to reconnect your thinking in new ways so your idea can take flight. He’s got a gift that way."
-Craig Lauer, angel investor, Employee #88 at Qualcomm

"Working with Eliot has been a big part of our success at Create. Getting an MBA is one thing, but navigating the bleeding edge of Silicon Valley as a first time technology entrepreneur is an experience like no other. Working with people who have gone through the process before are critical to providing key insight, and Eliot asks the tough questions that push management teams beyond the envelope."
-Stefan Martinovic, CEO at Create

"Eliot's thoughtful ideas and suggestions were vital in shaping the current direction of the Qapsule Technologies. Working with him has been a very enjoyable experience and he will be a trusted advisor for many years to come."
-Jason Fiedler, CTO at Qapsule Technologies

"Eliot brings more than just marketing and business savvy to entrepreneurial discussions and decision making. He brings life savvy. How do you, the entrepreneur, with everything on the line, serve your own life as well as your stakeholders? Sometimes the results can be surprising."
-Ian Haynes, CEO and Founder at Vigil Systems

"When a business environment gets complicated, Eliot finds the signal in the noise. He has the uncanny ability to shave a problem down to its most basic form and focus on the critical elements. He has provided invaluable input into all of my business ventures and, more importantly, has educated me enough to know to stay away from 'opportunities' I have passed on."
-Franco Faraudo, angel investor