It's hard to believe Cumulus came out a year ago

Y'all are the folks whose enthusiasm got it reviewed in Businessweek, Ars Technica, Popular Science, io9, GeekDad, etc., sent it to #1 in its Amazon categories, and helped the story raise more than $10k for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Chapter 510.

That's pretty darn unusual for a self published novel with no fancy publicist or marketing team. Your word-of-mouth recommendations and grassroots reviews are what put wind in its sails. Sometimes the small things make a big difference.

Thanks a million.

Kim Stanley Robinson interview

I interviewed Kim Stanley Robinson about his prescient, moving new novel, New York 2140. You can read the interview and excerpt right here.

Stan is one of my favorite authors and his books have influenced me since I first discovered his Three Californias trilogy as a teenager. In this interview, we talk about his sources of inspiration, creative process, how he imagines possible futures, the importance of science fiction, and what climate change and sea level rise mean for us and the planet.

This is the second edition of the Incoming Transmission series that explores the social implications of technology through books that illuminate the present by examining the future.

If you enjoy the interview, you'll probably get a kick out of my reading recommendations.