What's wrong with the Internet?

Welcome to the Good Question Series where I ask the most interesting people I know a single question that they are uniquely qualified to answer. It's interview haiku, short and thought provoking. I'm out to prove that brevity and depth can coexist.

The Internet is not the answer.

Firstly, it is compounding the already gaping inequalities between rich and poor and contributing to the hollowing out of the middle, both in cultural and economic terms. Secondly, it is undermining many of the jobs of the industrial economy without offering equivalently secure or viable jobs in the digital economy. And thirdly, it has created a surveillance economy in which we, its users, have been packaged up as the data product.

Andrew Keen is the author of The Internet Is Not the Answer, Digital Vertigo, and The Cult of the Amateur. He's the executive director of the Silicon Valley salon FutureCast and a columnist for CNN. He's a provocateur to the core and will disagree with you on anything.

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