I write fast-paced, deeply-researched stories with diverse casts that explore the intersection of technology and society. My books have been praised by people like Hugo/Nebula/Locus/Campbell award-winning author David Brin, Tim O'Reilly, and Brad Feld and publications like the VergePopular Science, Businessweek, TechCrunch, GeekDadio9, and Ars Technica.


TRUE BLUE (A Short Story): A parable of persecution and self-discovery set in a world where the color of your eyes might just get you killed.

NEON FEVER DREAM: A dark secret hides in the swirling dust and exultant revelry of Burning Man.

CUMULUS: In the not-so-distant future, economic inequality and persistent surveillance push the San Francisco Bay Area to the brink of civil war.

THE UNCOMMON SERIES: The bestselling tech startup trilogy that has attracted a cult following in Silicon Valley and is the #1 top-rated financial thriller on Amazon.


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